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deadlysinner's Journal

do, or do not - there is no try.

abc's lost, alkaline trio, american splendor, arsenal, arsene wenger, back to the future, bacon, batman begins, bill and ted, bill hicks, black socks, blackadder, bottle rocket, bottom, boxer shorts, brie, calvin and hobbes, cannibal the musical, cars, chess, chris morris, coffee, comedy, conspiracy theories, dara o'briain, david bowie, david tennant, derren brown, dire straits, discworld, doctor who, dreaming, driving, due south, eddie izzard, egg, escape from sobibor, everclear, exploring, father ted, fawlty towers, fever pitch, fight club, football, fraggles, frankie boyle, green wing, heroes, hiding, highbury, himym, hitting things, hobbits, indiana jones, jack dee, jan and dean, jeff stelling, jimmy eat world, jo brand, lagwagon, lightning, lightning seeds, live, logic, london, lord of the rings, maid marian, mark lamarr, mark thomas, marmite on toast, match of the day, matt and trey, mock the week, monty python, music, nathan barley, nevermind the buzzcocks, nofx, nouseforaname, oasis, orgazmo, parsnip crisps, peter davison, philosophy, photography, pineapple, pockets, pride and prejudice, quotes, radiohead, rain, raven, red dwarf, rem, rushmore, russell brand, russell howard, samwise gamgee, sand, sealab 2021, six feet under, sleeping, smoking, south park, spaced, special agent dale cooper, spellbound, spinach, spongebob, star wars, stars, stephen fry, storms, subtitles, sugar ray, sunset beach, sunsets, takeshi's castle, tattoos, tea, team america, tennis, texas hold 'em poker, the beautiful south, the dark knight, the fast show, the green mile, the league of gentlemen, the life aquatic, the marx brothers, the prestige, the princess bride, the sea, thinking, thunder, toad in the hole, tony robinson, tootsie, top gear, travelling, trees, trey parker, twin peaks, waves, weezer, yorkshire pudding